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The Guinea Pig Community

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A pro-adoption community that has attracted guinea pig enthusiasts from around the world.

Thinking about getting a guinea pig? Please consider adoption!!

Read why not to buy at petstores.

Thinking about breeding your guinea pigs?

According to Tracy Iverson, ARBA Cavy Judge and President of the ACBA (American Cavy Breeders Association), "... breeding a sow means a 20% chance she will die..." Read more.


Please read all rules before joining!

This community is a pro-rescue community. While breeders and owner of guinea pigs from pet stores are more than welcome to join a pro-adoption response to unexpected pregnancies or the possibility of getting a new pig should be expected.


Rules and Regulations

  • All entries must be related to guinea pigs. No community promos will be accepted.
  • No picture larger than 500 x 400 should be posted without an LJ cut. If posting multiple pictures, please use an lj-cut. When posting multiple pictures you may have one picture outwith the cut as a "teaser". (For information on how to do an LJ cut, please click here)
  • You do not have to own a guinea pig to join this community, we welcome considering owners and guinea pig enthusiasts alike.
  • Manners are important. No comments will be allowed that use racist, homophobic, sexist, or religious epithets. No comments will be tolerated that include personal attacks.
    A personal attack is when you:
    • comment on a person’s appearance, religion, mental state, or piggies in a derogatory manner
    • Use foul language not in context at the person 
    • “Blow off” the other persons intelligence/comment/piggies
If a you spot a comment where another user is subject to a personal attack, please notify the moderation team who will take immediate action.
  • All members are to feel 100% safe posting anything. The moderation team are currently in the process of tagging past entries to make information retrieval easier for new owners; if you feel that your question has still not been answered please feel free to post your question.
  • No spamming, trolling or fighting is allowed.
Please note: The most frequent hotly debated topics are: breeding, cages, vet care (when to see a vet and veterinary knowledge of guinea pigs) and feeding treats (e.g. yoghurt drops). When you post about these topics, or are writing a comment to a post, please be sensitive in your responses and remember that we are trying to educate, not offend the person.
We understand that the majority of owners here want the best for their pet at heart, but misdirection caused by being given inaccurate information may result in new and experienced owners doing something harmful instead. Remember - there is not a lot of good guinea pig information out there.
  • Deleting comments and posts, or disabling comments is prohibited. Doing either will result in a warning, and then banning from the community. If something was posted to the community by mistake, please email the moderators to let them know you are removing it.
  • This community attracts many different people; from young teens to adults. As such please keep all content including: user pictures, language, off-topic themes posted to the community, etc. at a PG-13 level.


Remember the only way you can help the guinea pigs is to educate people. Educate, don't lecture.


As fellow guinea pig owners, we understand that new guinea pig owners will often encounter inaccurate information on the internet and in the bookstore. To help, we have collaborated a list of reputable web pages from which many of the members here have learned from and can vouch for.

If you would rather search a source closer to livejournal, and this community, please check out the tagged entries where members before you have perhaps already experienced the same problem:
or consult our memories section



Care, Housing, and Nutrition

Cavy Spirit

Guinea Pig Cages


Adoption and Rescue Resources

Guinea Pig Home

Squeaks and Wheeks Rescue List


GuineaLynx Rescue List

Other LJ Guinea Pig Communities


Your moderators are: hearthand, kikayume and thalestral

In the event of a fire, all members of the moderation team can be contacted simultaneously on the following e-mail: gpmodsquad@googlemail.com



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