Emma Rushton (Emma Rushton) wrote in guinea_pigs,
Emma Rushton
Emma Rushton

3 Male Guniea Pigs

Hello everyone
I need a lot recommendations, advice and help!

In December 2018 my partner bought me two male guinea pigs. When he purchased the two males there was one left. Then in January we both decided to buy the remaining guinea pig from the litter as no one had picked him up. There has always been dominace issues and it’s now March 2019 and in the last two weeks the most dominant male has actually been bite on the bum multiple times from the piggy that we purchased most recently as they have alway tried to dominate each other and they never seem to settle whose boss. Now it’s swapped again and the original dominate male has now got he’s confidence back and there has been three series fights in the last three days. Then fights are to the extent that one has a very bad bite wound on the ear and the other has other bites wounds on the body.

This is as bad as it has been and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have had to separate them multiple times and I’m so unsure about what I should do to help them. My partner and I have spent so much money on trying different cages and now we have huge man made cage on the varander but still not working. Is it too late to try and re indroduce them as bloody has been drawn.

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