Feral Girl Thing (childofmetis) wrote in guinea_pigs,
Feral Girl Thing

Dental issues

My piggie Pip is 8 and has dropped a lot of weight. Her back legs aren't working, and she won't eat. We've been in and out of the vet's office- is it an ear infection? back pain?, and I finally noticed that her lower incisors were splayed out. (And that seemed to explain why she would try to eat and then drop the food. I've been feeding her by hand for over a week now.)
She had rotting bedding stuck in between them, and today the vet cleaned that out and then trimmed them. They were mobile, and now that they're shorter, she seems to be in less pain. Which is great! She's more alert and looking to me for treats, and feeding her critical care and baby food from the syringe is easier now. I tried tearing off tiny pieces of parsley but it's hard for her to grab stuff so she takes it and then accidentally drops it and tries to pick it up again. Do you have recommendations for good foods I can make small for her to eat? Should we just keep hand-feeding until her teeth grow out again?
Tags: care: vet, diet: veggies, medical: teeth

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