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A barbarian schoolgirl who dates pigeons

Today, two piggies who'd been living in storebought cages got a total home makeover-- a spacious double-decker!

The structure is some industrial plastic shelving; it's supposed to be a five-shelf 36"x24"x72" unit, but I built it as two units side by side, so the "floor" space is 3'x4' (I'm not sure how to convert that to metric, I'm sorry). The sides are wire shelving, and held in place with some nails and, on the upper level, twist ties and zip ties since I ran out of posts. On the lower level, the shelving is easy to remove and replace for access-- the upper level isn't quite as easy to take apart and reconstruct, but it's more accessible in the first place so that's less of an issue.

The bedding is camo-print fleece on some sickly green towels. The lower level has an extra towel in one corner, because Squeakers has some problems with his drinking and his bladder and that's where I was planning to put his water bottle (and thus, where he's most likely to pee).

Blaster went and hid when he was placed in the new cage; I had to coax him out with a bit of hay. Squeakers was exploring as soon as I put him in, and even started doing popcorn jumps. Like: "Okay, you put me in here. Okay, you put my house in here. Okay, you're putting hay and oranges in-- wait, is this my new place? AWWWW YISS, MOTHAF***ING LEG ROOM!" *boing wheek zoom wheek boing*

Another picture of the pigs checkin' out the new pad.

I don't have any bananas, so here's a hammer for scale. And Blaster, because he tries to eat everything in front of him, so he wanted to eat the hammer (clever, we ain't).

Added furniture and toys. Neither pig seems interested in the ferret beds.

Blaster's close-up. I've discovered that he doesn't totally hate being petted on the nose as much as he hates being petted on the back or the bum.

Squeakers's close-up. The water bottle was tricky to hang so he could reach it, I should have thought that through better.

Thanks for viewing!
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