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Perdita's belly.
rabbitpaused wrote in guinea_pigs
I know it's been quiet here, and on Livejournal really, for a while now. But I've really liked the recent pictures and posts, so I thought I'd add some video to that.

I run a teeny tiny micro-rescue called New BeGUINEAings (you can look it up on Facebook, if you have an account there), and I currently have two pregnant piggies in my care. Both Perdita and Winter are most likely due in around a week, and their bellies are kind of all kinds of crazy at the moment. Limbs flailing everywhere!

This is a video of Perdita's belly I filmed today:

My favourite part happens right after the 1:10 mark.

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Good to know that even though pregnancy is a totally natural occurrence, it's still freaky as hell in more species than just ours!

I know, it's super creepy at times. Fascinating, but creepy.

Beautiful! Thanks for posting.

Is that sofa washable, and if so can you tell me what it's made of? We don't allow our piggies on the sofa without something waterproof underneath them.

We have a new piggy! Sophie: top two pics at

Perdita is actually really trustworthy in terms of bladder control. I don't think she's ever peed or pooped on me, ever.

Other pigs... well let's just say, I've had to do a little scrubbing in the past. The couch is therefore slightly patchy, ha. Usually I stick a towel or some other layer between pig and furniture, but Perdita is a-okay, even though the pressure on her bladder must be intense... she lets me know if she needs to go back to her cage.

Sophie looks lovely! She has gorgeous eyes!

Ooh. That's interesting.

The only differences I've noticed in our piggies' bladders are that some were trained not to pee on humans before we got them ... but we've retrained them not to worry about it, because the logistics of our situation are that we cuddle them for long periods over the other end of the house from their enclosure, so going home to pee is not feasible.

Anyway, we really want a cleanable vegan (not leather - I'm told leather is easy to clean, but ugh) sofa.

Sophie really is gorgeous! Thanks for the compliment.

So weird and fascinating! Thanks for sharing! Love the name of your rescue as well :D

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