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Being the guinea pig mom is hard work
[spirit pokemon] feebas
yui_hime wrote in guinea_pigs
Blaster's been trying to get his dominance-humping on since about Monday afternoon, whenever he sees Squeakers. Usually Squeakers has been able to shake him off, run away, and/or duck into a hidey house, but tonight the inevitable happened: Squeakers got cornered and lashed out. It doesn't look like there was any blood drawn, but I was nervous enough to put up the puppy gate.

Was this move premature on my part? Can their relationship still be mended? They've been good so far, and I've even left them together while I went to work. I'm just scared to death.

* ETA: I removed the puppy gate after about half an hour. They're munching hay together now.

- - -

BTW, both did well at the vet yesterday. Blaster is slightly overweight and needed his nails trimmed, Squeakers is somewhat underweight (surprise, surprise) and has a molar growth problem-- they weren't an emergency, so he's scheduled to get them filed next week.

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I don't have anything useful to say, but I want to thank you for sharing your pigtures, and I send my best wishes that you piggies can learn to get along.

Who is Squeakers and who is Blaster?

I just adopted these two guys on Sunday. Squeakers is the longhair with the dark brown markings on his face. Blaster is the Abby-mix with the crazy butt mohawk. If you check out my post here from Sunday, you'll see pigtures of them both a bit closer up!

(They're getting along fine today. I even caught them sharing the grass hut when I got home from work!)

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