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Whistle pig
sanscesse wrote in guinea_pigs
The weirdest guinea pig moment ever just happened to me.

I was sitting here, spacing out while observing clouds through the window. I was thinking about how my dad's birthday is approaching next month, and how we would celebrate. My dad passed away 8 years ago, but we always do something he enjoyed on his birthday to remember him. :)

As I was thinking of possible options, and sitting completely still, my most calm and chill guinea pig Lupita FREAKED OUT. She jumped to a corner of the cage and started chirping. But not the usual guinea pig chirps, it was more...melodic? Not just CHIT CHIT CHIT as I've heard before. It was very bizarre, and very striking. Usually when one of my pigs chirps, they stop as soon as I enter the room. Lupita started and maintained her strange song while I was 2 feet away from her. I was making eye contact with her the whole time. It felt a little...creepy.

She is still in that same corner of her cage. Her cage mate, Brenda, is derping around as usual.

Did Lupita just get a message from my deceased father? Is she just freaked out because I didn't bring her treats? Are guinea pigs supernatural mediums?

Feel free to discuss. I'm not saying she is sending me messages from my dad, but who knows? Have your pets ever sent you messages from beyond?

Here's my little medium for reference:

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No one really has the answer as to why gpigs chirp like that. Spirit messages are as good a theory as any! I kind of like it. :)

I know I always have a general *weird* feeling when my pigs chirp! I am too freaked out to see what the deal is when they are chirping. But if I heard the song Lupita was signing today in the middle of the would have been too creepy to be real!

LOL! The middle of the night is usually always when my "chirper" pigs do it! :)

If I had any wish in the world, it would be to understand what the gpigs are saying.

I agree! I wish they could tell me what treats they want the most. And how much they love me. :)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I think my pigs only love me for the fact that I can open the Big Box of Good Things (aka the 'fridge)!!!

There are Animal Communicators who can talk with your pigs and let you know what they think. I'm on the fence as to belief in them, but I think some do truly have the gift. I've tried to learn it for myself, but I'm about as psychic as a cement brick. ;) One person did tell me things about one of my pigs that she simply couldn't have known or guessed.

Aww, she's so adorable! I say sure, why can't they send us messages through our piggies? They say that cats and dogs are more sensitive to these things, too, so why not a pig? When my baby passed away last June, about a week or two after (during my awful breakdown), Panda came to me in my dream, and in my dream, he was a baby piglet again, and he was running around and squealing like he always did, and let me pet him and talk to him. I think it was him coming to tell me that he was happy, and not to worry about him.

Oh my goodness! How amazing to get such a tender encounter exactly when you needed it!

Wow, what an amazing story!

There was the time after my cousin passed away, and Benny could tell I was sad and so he "wheeked" for me to play with him. At first, I didn't understand why he was wheeking, so I gave him some food. When he didn't eat, I realized that he wanted to play with me so that he could comfort me.

On a lighter note, there's the "Benny and The Jets" story. Every football season, I joke that Benny thinks that Elton John wrote the song "Benny and The Jets" about him and the New York Jets. My husband is a New England Patriots fan, so one time when the Patriots were playing the Jets, I said, "uh oh, Jim, you and Benny are rooting for different teams!" Then after the game, I walked into the living room where the following conversation took place:

ME: So is the game over?
JIM: Yes, the Patriots won.
ME: You must me happy, then.
JIM: Yes, I am!
ME: And how does Benny feel about that?

To this day I have no idea why he did that; but it sure was hilarious!

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my guinea pigs always do this in the middle of the night. it creeps me out i dont like the sound!

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