bury me in memory (ephemerall) wrote in guinea_pigs,
bury me in memory

kind of icky...

So, I tried introducing some fruit into Stella's diet today... I gave her a very small sice of orange, which she ate some of but mostly is still sitting in her cage, and I also gave her two slices of apple. The only other chage I made to her diet is her pellets are made with alfalfa instead of timothy hay because she is under six months old. I was holding her when I noticed this awful smell... and realized she has soft feces -- not liquid, just very soft which she hadn't had at all until now. The only thing I can think of is the apples... I only have given her two slices, and I read that I shouldn't give her more than that in a week... Since it' affecting her bowel movements (and making them softer, and unfortunately smelly) should I just avoid the apples altogether?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I just want my piggie healthy and happy and I'm really not experienced with what diets they should follow (though I did take suggestion and go to guinealynx).
Tags: diet: treats

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