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thhiiiefff wrote in guinea_pigs
Can humidity or dampness be bad for a guinea pig's health in large doses? My pigs have had to move to the cellar during the recent heat wave and it's been raining a lot, making it more damp than normal down there. [Our basement never floods, but it's not finished so it is leaky.] I'm worried about their hay getting moldy-- how can you tell if it is? Or maybe them having respiratory problems. Is it worth buying a dehumidifier to avoid health problems?

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Humidity is bad for pigs. You can do a google search on it.

(I looked it up because I had kitties w/ allergies and wanted to run the humidifier at night for them but didn't want to risk the pigs.)

Thanks. I have moved them upstairs for last night, today and tonight. It is supposed to be much cooler and a lot less humid.

High humidity is not a good living environment for guinea pigs or where there is lots of water.

Thanks. I have moved them back to their normal cage for last night, today and tonight, it is supposed to be much cooler.

Glad to be of some help. The heat is awful. We had a terrible time keeping our guinea pigs cool this past summer. We found the best place was in a sturdy hutch/run outside under a leafy tree.

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