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Questions on Bread and Playing
nixve wrote in guinea_pigs
First Question: I heard from a friend that guinea pigs can eat bread. Is this true? I was thinking of it as an occassional treat, not a food staple. Are some kinds of bread better than others (I have sourdough currently)?

Second Question: When your cavies get foor-time or cuddle-time, what do they like? My piglets seem more interested in hiding during their floor time and right now I am getting them used to being held (very nervous, non-socialized piglets) so I am open to suggestions about how to calm them down and get them to enjoy being held.

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Most pigs take a while to get used to their human companions. Also, guinea pigs are prey animals, so they naturally like to hide or be near something they can run to if need be. During floor time, I set up an abundance of tunnel-like things (empty soda can boxes with open ends, bent grids, pvc pipe, cardboard folded into an upside down V, etc.) in the kitchen, and my pigs like to run through them. I also put down a big plate of veggies for them to munch on.

I offered dried bread to my pigs once but they didn't touch it. It's probably not that nutritious for them anyway, so there's not much point in trying.

I knew they were prey animals, so I had lots of places available to hide under for floor-time. I guess I'll just keep doing what I have been doing and they'll adjust in their own time.

my cage is right next to my couch, so when Im eating a sandwich I usually give my boy just a TEENY piece of the bread. But make sure there are no seeds, or stuff like that.

Floortime is mainly eating time lol
I put out all these veggies and some fruits to encourage playing and happiness, but he'd rather just sit there like a lug and eat to his hearts content. He will barely move though, I think he'd rather be in his cage to be honest lol

Floortime = eating time, gotcha :) I'll see if my girls are more sociable if I give them their veggies during floor time.

Be careful. Soft bread can stick in their mouths and make them choke. I'm a sucker and when my boys hear cracker, chip, or bread bags and wheet at me I usually give them a taste. But just yesterday my boy started choking a little bit on the bread (he coughed it out) and I realized how dangerous it could be.

Good to know. If I decide to treat the girls to some bread-products I'll make sure theire not too soft.

First answer: Yes piggies can physically eat bread. It is definitely not a food staple AT ALL. I've been told that oats, wheat, and other such cereals are not really good for piggies. So do your research. I will keep my oatmeal porridge/steamed brown rice/unsalted cracker sharing with Belle to a few crumbs once a week or so.

Second answer: Food. *ROFL*

I am doing research. Posting in this community is a form of research, isn't it? I'm getting a lot of good responses and all of them are confirming my skepticism with feeding guinea pigs bread products.

The only processed food guinea pigs should be fed is their pellets. And not the "guinea pig food" that has multicolored chunks and seeds and nuts in it, either, *just* pellets. That plus hay and fresh veggies and a little fruit sometimes. A starving piggy will eat just about anything, but what's on that list is the *only* thing that's good for them. They're not human. They don't require variety.

I didn't suggest in any fashion that multi-colored, seed-filled chow was appropriate for guinea pigs. Nor did I say I planned on only giving them bread or something. I was merely checking out the validity of a food recommendation. I was skeptical about bread products, and people here have backed up my skepticism.

I didn't suggest that you suggested any of that.


No no no on the bread! The grains, carbs, flour and sugars are all really bad for the digestive system. The best treats are yummy veggies and fruit :)

Food! My piggies still demand some kind of treat when out for lap time, so usually they get some coriander (cilantro) or kale depending on which piggie it is (Purdie isn't keen on kale). At floor time, lots of hidey houses, things stuffed with hay and veggies all over the place should do the trick :)

Okay, good to know. :) I was kinda surprised my friend recommended bread and it's good to see that I was right to be confused.

Food and hiding places. Gotcha, will do. :)

Re: feeding to guinea pigs,
Bread = bad.
Cheese = bad.
Meat = bad.
Human children = bad

Just to cover all the bases this community seems to have brought up in respect to feeding their cavies.

Human children = bad

*laughs* That was really a question?

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