3 Male Guniea Pigs

Hello everyone
I need a lot recommendations, advice and help!

In December 2018 my partner bought me two male guinea pigs. When he purchased the two males there was one left. Then in January we both decided to buy the remaining guinea pig from the litter as no one had picked him up. There has always been dominace issues and it’s now March 2019 and in the last two weeks the most dominant male has actually been bite on the bum multiple times from the piggy that we purchased most recently as they have alway tried to dominate each other and they never seem to settle whose boss. Now it’s swapped again and the original dominate male has now got he’s confidence back and there has been three series fights in the last three days. Then fights are to the extent that one has a very bad bite wound on the ear and the other has other bites wounds on the body.

This is as bad as it has been and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have had to separate them multiple times and I’m so unsure about what I should do to help them. My partner and I have spent so much money on trying different cages and now we have huge man made cage on the varander but still not working. Is it too late to try and re indroduce them as bloody has been drawn.
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Some of you may remember some drama a little over a year ago after I adopted two adult boars, Blaster and Squeakers.

On Sunday morning this week, I noticed Blaster wasn't eating his veggies... or his pellets... or his hay. He was hunched up in a corner of his cage, crying. I took him straight to an animal hospital, who brought in an on-call exotics doctor to look at him, who told me his situation was indeed severe, and had him moved to intensive care immediately.

At 10:30 that night I received the call that Blaster had departed for the Rainbow Bridge. Necropsy results indicate that it was a heart attack. I have no way of knowing if this is a new development or if he was a heart pig all along. He's to be cremated and added to the hospital's butterfly garden, since I'm living in an apartment and have no place to bury him.

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Tonight, I took down his cage and cleaned/rearranged Squeakers's cage to take advantage of the old space. He's a bit confused by the whole thing, and while he hated his neighbor/"brother", I like to think he's sort of sad that Blaster isn't there any more to pick on. Still, I hope he likes the pampering this brought on-- brand new wood hut, new plastic pigloo, new fleece, new towels, all so fresh I was pulling shrinkwrap off the fleece and labels off the huts.

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It's always tough to lose a loved one, but I'm thankful for the year and a quarter that Blaster spent with me! We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge, Blaster!

Special shout-out to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, both in general and for having exotics-savvy vets on call for holidays and weekends! Both of my boys have had medical emergencies on days their regular vet was closed, and GCVS has helped me in situations their regular vet just didn't have the means to handle.

Dental issues

My piggie Pip is 8 and has dropped a lot of weight. Her back legs aren't working, and she won't eat. We've been in and out of the vet's office- is it an ear infection? back pain?, and I finally noticed that her lower incisors were splayed out. (And that seemed to explain why she would try to eat and then drop the food. I've been feeding her by hand for over a week now.)
She had rotting bedding stuck in between them, and today the vet cleaned that out and then trimmed them. They were mobile, and now that they're shorter, she seems to be in less pain. Which is great! She's more alert and looking to me for treats, and feeding her critical care and baby food from the syringe is easier now. I tried tearing off tiny pieces of parsley but it's hard for her to grab stuff so she takes it and then accidentally drops it and tries to pick it up again. Do you have recommendations for good foods I can make small for her to eat? Should we just keep hand-feeding until her teeth grow out again?
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Something to chew on...

That awkward moment when I realize that Squeakers isn't chewing his cage bars to annoy me, he's doing it because his chew toys don't reach those problem molars of his. Now I feel stupid, and especially like a bad piggie mom.

Until I get the car AC fixed (this weekend for sure, now that I have an emergency to worry about) to take him to the vet for another molar grind, does anybody know ways I can help him gnaw with his molars? Hard veggies aside from carrots and sweet potato? Anybody know where I can get some untreated hardwood dowels?

Blaster's doing fine, he's healthy and quiet and maybe a little bit fat. I took both boys out to the apartment complex's lawn last week, and they seemed to be having a good time.
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No pigtures this time, but Squeakers and Blaster got in a proper fight yesterday afternoon, with hair being ripped out and everything. I put up the puppy gate and went out with my friends for a few hours to let them cool down, but when I came back, I didn't take the gate down for half an hour before I was putting it back up.

The puppy gate's been up since then-- both have their own food, water, hidey house, chew toy, hay, and veggies-- but it's probably time for me to pursue advice from the more experienced owners: do I need to invest in bigger/separate cages for them? Previous pigtures should give an idea of the size of their current cage, it's a 42" diameter octagon (presently split via puppy gate).

As well, is there a good way to give them some outside time, given that I live in a second-floor apartment in a complex with dogs and cats around? I open the shades during the day so they can get some sunlight, and open the windows for fresh air in the evenings now that it's finally cooling down, and buy them dandelions and pet-grass, but I think they'd definitely be happier to get some proper outdoor time.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Perdita's belly.

I know it's been quiet here, and on Livejournal really, for a while now. But I've really liked the recent pictures and posts, so I thought I'd add some video to that.

I run a teeny tiny micro-rescue called New BeGUINEAings (you can look it up on Facebook, if you have an account there), and I currently have two pregnant piggies in my care. Both Perdita and Winter are most likely due in around a week, and their bellies are kind of all kinds of crazy at the moment. Limbs flailing everywhere!

This is a video of Perdita's belly I filmed today:


My favourite part happens right after the 1:10 mark.
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Being the guinea pig mom is hard work

Blaster's been trying to get his dominance-humping on since about Monday afternoon, whenever he sees Squeakers. Usually Squeakers has been able to shake him off, run away, and/or duck into a hidey house, but tonight the inevitable happened: Squeakers got cornered and lashed out. It doesn't look like there was any blood drawn, but I was nervous enough to put up the puppy gate.

Was this move premature on my part? Can their relationship still be mended? They've been good so far, and I've even left them together while I went to work. I'm just scared to death.

* ETA: I removed the puppy gate after about half an hour. They're munching hay together now.

- - -

BTW, both did well at the vet yesterday. Blaster is slightly overweight and needed his nails trimmed, Squeakers is somewhat underweight (surprise, surprise) and has a molar growth problem-- they weren't an emergency, so he's scheduled to get them filed next week.