Mysterious, Possibly Food-Related Deaths??
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Hi guineapeeps, I'm here with a heavy heart and some serious concerns.

Looooong long story...the details might be relevant though?Collapse )

So finally, after all that, on to my question: has anybody else been experiencing anything funny or unusual with KMS Hayloft pellets? I think we got this shipment of pellets 3ish months ago, in the same large quantity we always get, and we have never had any problems with the end of the batch producing any problems or being less enticing to the pigs.

As things are, I've been thrown into total reaction mode. I did a thorough cleaning and disinfecting on one of the cages, bathed the two survivors, and put them in there, where they seem to be getting along and will hopefully work well as permanent cagemates. I bought some different brand hay and pellets which I am giving to all the animals now as I refuse to take any chances, though at least in principle I think KMS Hayloft is more nutritious...? :\ I don't really know what else to do except to monitor everyone carefully...I'm so heartbroken by what is happening and I really just want to get to the bottom of this. I'm thinking I will also bring the pigs to the vet next week to get them checked out.

Do you think all of this could be related to their food? Or, if not the food, does anyone have any other idea of what might be happening to my animals?

Thanks so much for your time <3

cute shirt
This is such a cute guinea pig shirt, and they're two shirts away from making their goal so I thought I would pass it along

Renting! Landlords and apartment brokers!
I'm currently looking for an apartment in the Boston area, and my price range is on the very low end, so I am aware my options are limited. One problem I'm running into is that most of the apartments I'm interested in are listed through brokers as "no pets allowed", and I have two guinea pigs. I've never run into problems negotiating this with landlords in other cities, regardless of what the rental ad originally said. I've offered to get pet-specific references from my past landlords and/or pay a pet deposit, but the broker I've been corresponding with has just flat out not acknowledged my proposals and has limited me to the one (very undesirable) pet friendly apartment available. I'm not sure how to address this going forward, as I've only ever rented directly from the owner.

Do any of you have experience or advice for navigating a competitive housing market with your pigs? Specifically, how do I deal with the added complication of brokers? (Almost nothing is listed by owner in this area, even on Craigslist, so avoiding brokers is not an option.) Should I try to avoid the topic until I'm closer to signing the lease?* Am I really, truly limited to apartments that say "pet friendly"? It seems hard to believe that every single landlord would categorize caged pets in exactly the same manner as a dog or cat, but maybe I've just gotten used to the much less competitive housing market in Vermont.

*Please don't suggest lying and signing a lease without telling the landlord! As a pro-rescue community I'm sure we all know why that's a bad idea, right?

bumble foot... i think
shiny happy brina
So my old girl Minerva has what i assume is bumblefoot. Her front foot is swollen but doesnt seem to be hurting her and isn't weeping or anything like that. Before I have to pay another vet bill (up to a total $2000 this year) does anyone have any hints? I've been cleaning it daily with betadine. Her bedding is fleece which is changed everyday (wood floors under, not wire).

She is prone to laying in her wee and she's 3 and a half years old, blind from cataracts and a little overweight (okay she's a cushion of a pig). I assume this could be the cause? Anyone?

Housing + Travel
Hey everyone,
I'm looking into adopting a pair of guinea pigs in a few weeks and I'm exploring housing options. I'm very lucky to have an almost excessive amount of space for a cage, so I'd like to take advantage of that and give them the biggest living arrangement possible. I know the C+C cages are very popular, but one thing I don't have a lot of is time and the idea of spending hours on building their house is daunting. I'd buy one, but the pre-made C+C cages seem to be expensive. With that in mind, I was thinking about using an exercise pen with a mat as their primary cage--they're large, decently priced, easy to clean, and quick to set up. X-pens have become very popular among rabbit owners but I can't seem to find anything, good or bad, about using them as primary housing for guinea pigs. The people I'm adopting from have no input about it. Does anyone have any experience (good or bad! If there's a good reason not to use them I want to know) with pens?

My second question is about traveling with them--Most of what I've read says not to transport your guinea pigs more than 2 hours. The vet I used to work for and the vet dealing with GPs in question now essentially both said that as long as they were in a safe temperate carrier for a "reasonable" amount of time and were hydrated that they should be fine. One of them said to provide veggies for snacks/water/gut motility, the other said having food could be a choking hazard, so it seems that as with much of small animal medicine, it's a crapshoot. I'd like to be able to take them with me if I need to go home for the weekend, which takes about 2 hrs 15-30minutes in average traffic. It's mostly highway/smooth driving, and my car has good climate control. Obviously the ideal would be to have a good sitter or board them but just in case, should the kids be ok for this kind of drive, and fairly frequently (possibly twice a month)?  Any tips would be great, too.

Thanks so much, and if I end up adopting I'll be sure to come back with pics of the critters!

Guinea pig chain mail!
Finally! We can send our pigs into battle fully prepared!


It's time for the 3rd Annual SoCal Pignic!
pignic flyer
pignic pic
contest pigs

OC Cavy Haven's SoCal Pignic
Sunday, Jun 30 12:00p to 4:00p
Irvine Animal Care Center Irvine, CA

Come join us as we celebrate piggies and piggie people at the SoCal Pignic!

Enter your piggies in the Costume Contest or Veggie Eating contest. Or have their portrait taken with Firelight Photography! Pick up some awesome gifts in our silent auction and raffle including gift cards, amusement park tickets, gift baskets and more!

We'll have lunch and refreshments for sale as well as guinea pig products.

$6 for adults/$3 for children 12 and under
Children up to 3 years old are free.
*Cavy health checks and grooming are included in price of admission.

More event info:

shiny happy brina
So I took Wilhelmina to the vets today and they did an ultrasound to discover an ovarian cyst. So $400 later, they removed 15mL of fluid (about half a fluid ounce)and gave her a hormone implant to hopefully stop/slow the re-occurrence. Back in 2 weeks for checkups but she's okay :)

Weight Gain

All of our piggies have gained weight after we got them, no doubt because we feed them properly... But the babies are packing on the grams like nobodies business. They're just three months old, and both of them have gained 40 odd grams (almost 10% of their body weight) in just the week and a half since we adopted them. We've never had babies before, so we don't quite know what to expect - is this normal? At what age should they top out at their adult weight?

weight loss
shiny happy brina
not sure if im being a panicy mum or not but my Wilhelmina has, over the last 2 months, dropped from 1.89kg to 1.62kg. shes still eating (slightly less veg but more grass and hay and pellets), pooping and weeing. Her eyes are bright and she still runs around like a nutter when not under a blanket (its getting cold here). She get daily vitamin c and my other pig is just... well... fat.

Should I be concerned with her weight loss if she's still acting normal and eating? So paranoid.

I gave her 20mL of critical care tonight and she gobbled it up then went inside the cage and ate some carrot, so I'm just confused.

EDIT: I wrote this when tired. I meant 1.19kg to 1.16kg...


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