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Something to chew on...
[lloyd] pwned
yui_hime wrote in guinea_pigs
That awkward moment when I realize that Squeakers isn't chewing his cage bars to annoy me, he's doing it because his chew toys don't reach those problem molars of his. Now I feel stupid, and especially like a bad piggie mom.

Until I get the car AC fixed (this weekend for sure, now that I have an emergency to worry about) to take him to the vet for another molar grind, does anybody know ways I can help him gnaw with his molars? Hard veggies aside from carrots and sweet potato? Anybody know where I can get some untreated hardwood dowels?

Blaster's doing fine, he's healthy and quiet and maybe a little bit fat. I took both boys out to the apartment complex's lawn last week, and they seemed to be having a good time.

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Chew toys etc do nothing for keeping overgrown molars in check. What he needs is a constant supply of long strand silica hay (Timothy, Brome, Orchard etc).

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