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yui_hime wrote in guinea_pigs
No pigtures this time, but Squeakers and Blaster got in a proper fight yesterday afternoon, with hair being ripped out and everything. I put up the puppy gate and went out with my friends for a few hours to let them cool down, but when I came back, I didn't take the gate down for half an hour before I was putting it back up.

The puppy gate's been up since then-- both have their own food, water, hidey house, chew toy, hay, and veggies-- but it's probably time for me to pursue advice from the more experienced owners: do I need to invest in bigger/separate cages for them? Previous pigtures should give an idea of the size of their current cage, it's a 42" diameter octagon (presently split via puppy gate).

As well, is there a good way to give them some outside time, given that I live in a second-floor apartment in a complex with dogs and cats around? I open the shades during the day so they can get some sunlight, and open the windows for fresh air in the evenings now that it's finally cooling down, and buy them dandelions and pet-grass, but I think they'd definitely be happier to get some proper outdoor time.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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I don't know anything about housing boars together, but back when I lived in a second floor apartment, I used to take the pigs to a nearby park to hang out.

it's probably a good idea to get some kind of enclosure to put in the grass, in case they bolt. but my experience was, as long as I brought their favorite hidey house with me, they just ran straight for that if they got nervous.

I'd bring them to the park maybe once every week or two, if the weather was nice.

The idea of a park (with some sort of enclosure) sounds like a good idea.

In my experience, boars can just be really awful the first month or so of trying to socialize. Is one of them pubescent? That always makes matters waaaaay worse. Mine never ended up being buddies, but they were civil most of the time and got along. I just ended up putting them together for longer amounts of time until they stopped fighting. Let them sniff and hump and rumblestrut, and eventually they figure it out.

The general rule I always heard was that unless there's blood, let them do their thing and they'll sort it out. I hope that helps some.

They're actually both full-grown. The records say Blaster is 4 years old and Squeakers is 2 and 9 months.

I was just confused and scared because they were pretty good for the first two weeks, and then suddenly out of the clear blue there's hair flying and anime-ninja acrobatics going on.

Huh. Well, in that case I think it's a matter of letting them hump/fight it out to establish dominance; they need to figure it out for themselves and usually it's a bit tense until they do. Sometimes they just get weird for no reason, too. I know mine would suddenly just get grumpy sometimes, so maybe that's what's happening?

Also if you do take them to the park PLEASE post pictures! :D

my boys certainly have their moments but as said above, I keep an eye and let them sort it between them on the whole, sometimes if it looks like bullying I will get the victim out for a cuddle to break them up.
I love the idea of guineas in the park, wow, I would be so happy if I saw such a thing but never have! x

Definitely DON'T take them to a park - there are a huge number of common chemicals and weedkillers that are incredibly poisonous to guinea pigs if they've been used on grass within the last 6 months. Outside time isn't a must if it can't be done safely - I have my own garden and my current pigs are not interested at all in outside time, hah. Floor time indoors is a great alternative.

This is a great guide to boar introductions:

Cleaning everything out of the cage (and the cage itself) is a must. Intros must be done in a neutral area (ie a different room) regardless of how many attempts have been made. Baths are usually needed.

The cage size sounds fine :) Good luck!

Thanks. I've toweled up most of the floor in my room and built a box fort, bathed the piggies and added them to the box fort with veggies and hay, deconstructed and soaked all the cage components in vinegar-water solution, so now it's time to just cross my fingers and pray.

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