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This is almost exactly how my recent introduction with my boys went! Congrats on the easy process and also good on you for doing research and getting your boy a friend. Now you have two, too. :D

That is great. It is always a relief when the introductions go well. I was also nervous about introducing my old boar to a new friend. It went well. They sniffed each other. Sergio made a happy sound and little Hardrock jumped right in to his basket with him. No problems then or now.

It's been fun hearing about new introductions that have gone well.

It's not wrong to be anxious beforehand, though. I have a magnificent scar on my wrist. It's the result of tossing a new kid into the mix without proper intros. The resident kids decided the new kid needed to die. In my panic, I made the mistake of rescuing the new kid barehanded. Oops.

(Later, more cautious, introductions worked out fine, btw.)

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