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Humorous Introductions
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gc_anthem_fan wrote in guinea_pigs
 I'm new to this comm, so hello! My name is Fenisha, and I have two guinea pigs recently introduced, Rex and Vincent. I was quite scared to introduce them because of how complicated it seemed, but Rex (my original guinea) needed a friend so I decided to take the leap and the process was quite humorous I must say.

So, originally I bought Rex because now that college has started most of my friends moved either out of state of in regions of the state where I can't go see them often. I decided to get Rex because I wanted a little companion that would be sweet, cuddly, but something I could keep in my room at my house because since I am in college, I still live with my mom, sister and my mom's boyfriend. Rex was a great decision but when I got him I was a bit of a newbie. I was told strictly by people around me to "get one" and all this nonsense only to find out the next day that guinea pigs are social creatures and that's when I started researching my new baby. Once I got over my fear of the intoduction process and went through all the necessary steps with the new family member Vincent, I decided it was time. I set up "camp" in my bathroom so that no one in my family could disturb the process, and brought both guinea pigs in and set them on different sides with some hay and fresh veggies in the middle. Rex, was completely unphased by Vincent. He made happy noises, ran around, sniffed the new little guy, and just did whatever he wanted. Vincent, however, was teeth chattering, and making a huge fuss over the ordeal. Finally Rex fully approached Vincent, and Vincent was wigging out, but Rex was just a happy little camper. Rex, being older and bigger has declared dominance which is fine. I was just expecting this whole big long process, but it didn't take longer than an hour and it was only Vincent who was having a problem, Rex seems over joyed to have a new roommate! They're now in the one cage together, and Vincent still is fairly unsure and fussy sometimes but Rex and him have been cuddling, and eating together. I'm very happy, and feel absolutely silly now for freaking out as bad as I did. I know it can go wrong, or be a long process but I feel a little more comfortable now knowing that Rex and Vincent seem to be fairly easy going and like each other. This comm helped a lot though when it came to readying me for the process, and I'm very thankful for finding it. :)

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This is almost exactly how my recent introduction with my boys went! Congrats on the easy process and also good on you for doing research and getting your boy a friend. Now you have two, too. :D

That is great. It is always a relief when the introductions go well. I was also nervous about introducing my old boar to a new friend. It went well. They sniffed each other. Sergio made a happy sound and little Hardrock jumped right in to his basket with him. No problems then or now.

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