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Thanks for this.

Yawning looks fierce but rarely leads to attacks.


Please to post this to your private journal too because it makes it easier for me to keep a copy (for strange computer reasons)?

Oh, you already did! Thanks!

It just took me a minute to change the links at the top to reference the copies in my lj rather than the comm ones ^_^

I love the last picture. Gracie (She's the gray one with the brown face patch, right?) looks so confused.

Hee, that's when they first came home as little pups - for a while we thought Gracie was the top pig but soon learned the error of our ways!


Okay, seriously, you need to contact a publishing company and get this shit published as a piggy owner's guide.

:D I do need to get my ass in gear and start gathering all my writing together at least!

I am currently watching my pigs doing the introduction... they are doing this weird chatty teeth noise..

my two pigs that were roomate for 5 months are now fighting :/ IDK what to do.

Chatting is totally normal, it's like phase one of negotiations :) Every time a new pig is added, everyone has to re-establish themselves. Those who knew each other previously will take less time to settle down again afterwards, but during the actual introduction they need to go through all the motions again.

it didnt really go well. they ended up getting into a big fight D: I'm kinda sad.. and nervous because I dont have room for another c&c cage.. I have a temp cage for the little newbie until they can be all friends, but this is just a temporary environment..

I dont know what to do.. ARGH.

Baths and a new neutral area with lots of food and drink is best. Remember that an intro can take a while, my longest took 4 hours I think!

Fighting is not on, but mounting, chasing and hair pulling (lots of it!) is normal and okay.

Four hours from strangers until everyone was able to be in one cage together?

Yup! Though there were still rumblings and chasing and hair pulling until after a couple of weeks had passed. That was two pairs being introduced to each other as a group.

New to the group/Introductions not going well

Hi I'm new to the group and I am hoping you can help me out. I have a new guinea pig friend for my pig Niko. Niko's sister crossed the rainbow bridge last month suddenly. Niko is just over 2 years and the new piggy (Mokey) is 9 months. Mokey is quite forward - she has no problem being a people piggy and Niko appears to be terrified of her. Our first intro was okay - there were two fights where Mokey went to smell Niko and she just ran away and then the chasing started. After a short amount of chasing, they were in a circle dance (?) and were biting each other on the side. We seperated them when they did this (was that right?) At one point they were lying side by side head to butt. Very cute until Mokey started to smell Niko again we were in a circle dance....so we stopped them and separated them again. After a few minutes we decided that maybe it was time to call it a night and put them into their separate cages. We tried again a week later. We tried to stay out of it, but Mokey mistook my leg for Niko and chomped on me hard! She drew blood, but I lived, lol. Again we had circle dances and biting. What are we doing wrong? Should we try the buddy bath now?

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