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I used some leftover vinyl from my folks' kitchen revamping, which served pretty well, though it's floppy and therefore kind of needs to be tied to the cage edges.

I'm in Canada too. You can buy coroplast anywhere!

haha. Anywhere being where exactly? Which stores will sell it?

Rona, home depot, home hardware, sign shops, etc. :)

Hm, well I will have to go searching there. I didn't even know that!

Thanks a bunch!

To raise the height of the cage, you could build up with the cubes! I've seen a lot of people create storage cubbies out of the cubes and then have the cage portion on top. :3

If you have a home-depot near you, you have access to coroplast.

I'm in vancouver and I found enormous and not expensive sheets of coroplast at home depot near the section with the compressed wood sheets and other wood. Big enough for any cage! It's a little bit bigger than a twin-sized bed.

I recommend you take your knife, pen, rulers, and measurements and cut it on their cement floor, because it is HUGE and hard to roll. And once you get home you'd have to cut it on your nice floor. You could snag a helper and try to roll it up I suppose, but I'd still recommend a taxi instead of busing. If you want a huge cage, then consider making the biggest bottom out of two overlapping coroplast pieces, so it is easier to transport.

The only thing is, they only have white.

Lol they can cut it for you! Rona did this for me, a saw is a pretty standard necessity at those stores. 4x4 (half the size of the biggest sheet) fit perfectly into our Toyota corolla, although we had to bend it (without creases) to get it in.

They cut it with a SAW??? Sweet overkill, batman!

I did all the cuts including the corners and so on. So I did need to kneel on the floor right there at the store. *shrug* I didn't want to transport anything non-bendy I didn't have to.

I suppoooooooose a simple cut to the total length and width you need would be enough, then cut the corner flaps at home...

i use a big piece of linoleum. It's hard to find Coroplast in the UK but the lino has served me well so far and it's easy to keep clean & not too expensive to replace.

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