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Just wanted to add a note that if you try to use a heating pad or a hot water bottle or bag of rice to be sure that the surface area is fully covered either with a thick blanket or a towel.
Even though it's nice and cozy and peegs may want to lay against these objects for hours or fall asleep on them. They can still cause thermal burns, even on a low setting.
I know that many of us wouldn't use elect5ric heating blankets on our peegs anyway but we use them in the animal ER clinic all the time and are constantly making sure that they are covered to protect our patients.
Most heating pads come with a cloth envelope but we still wrap them up again for use. Not all cats and dogs do this, but that cord on the heating pads may also look like a tasty treat to wandering peegs.

When it gets extremely cold here in PA I make sure that Winn is in the warmest part of our house, has a towel draped over her cage and has an electric space heater in place for night. The space heater blows warm air into an area but the one I use can be set for certain temperatures so it shuts off when it reads that temp. Even though it's not as economical as a microwave heating pad I still feel safer using this instead.
We also use coal stoves to heat our house and because of these we have Co monitors in the house but I still keep Winn out of the room with the stoves to protect her.

Sticking electric blankets between the cubes and the coroplast could work, on a small corner... but there's that risk of fire. The blanket makers always say to not leave the e-blanky alone.

So I also vote for the space heater that circulates warm air and maintains a set temperature.

And clean your furnace ducts people!

I'll edit the heat pad entry there to be more specific I think, the wires on the blankets would worry me too.

I just bought a cuddle cup recently actually that has a flap in the bottom to put a Snuggle Safe heat pad in - I must try it out! :D

THANK YOU i finally have a nice thingie to show my roomate who gets pissed at me whenever i tell him that the heat has to be up for the piggie!

I am in Florida where it was 80 outside last week, so we still have our air on most of the time. I won't have to worry about the piggies getting too cold, that's for sure.

*checks the date on your post*

*rechecks the date on your post*

*pokes her nose out the door and goes brrrrr*


I just wanted to say thanks for posting this and the other informational articles that you post here - we're all looking to be the best pig owners we can be, and you sure help us do that! So, I just wanted to extend my appreciation :)

You're welcome :D It helps to get all my thoughts down in one place for reference for myself too, so it's all good!

Thanks for the article post! :-)

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