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Thank you so much for this. Laura, Diane and MaMa thank you, too. :)

You're welcome! Your icon made me squee with the cute :)

Thank you for this! I'll look into buying wooden houses for my piggies.

You're welcome :D The best bit about wooden houses is they usually come in cardboard boxes that are the perfect size to make into houses too!

Good info! It makes me glad that where I keep my piggies is very controlled though. I stopped using wooden houses for now because the cost of replacing them often enough to keep them from being gross (urine sets in after a while, and washing doesn't get it all out) is too much for me. Pigloos were a good washable alternative.

The other advantage to wooden huts though is the pigs love to chew on them to keep their teeth healthy.

I've found that using a vinegar/water solution is best for the wooden houses, especially if you leave them to sit in the solution so that the bottom couple of inches are really well soaked. Before we switched to vinegar it was a stinky nightmare >__>

Cardboard houses are awesome as you can put as many doors or windows in as you like and the piggies can go to town redesigning it themselves (my girls have a tendency to eat two walls and then act all indignant when it keeps falling over!).

Good idea, I'll ask kikayume about that :D

I need to try that marble tile idea - it's a good one!

I have chinchillas and I use marble tiles to cool them off. It works really well!!

I definitely need to find one myself this year, I've used a slate type one so far but I think the girls would really like something as extra smooth as marble.

On the hottest days I'd fancy it myself actually!

Hey Thanks! I thought that was all good advice and very informative! :)

You're welcome, I'm glad it was helpful :D

Thanks for this post! My father actually had central air installed in the house not because of us, but because of the guinea pigs! *laughs*

Aww, now that is too cute! True devotion to the piggie cause :D

It definitely is! He was all, "Well, WE can get showers and change clothes and go to air-conditioned places, but THEY have to wear these fur coats and stay in one place and they're getting up there in years and probably can't tolerate the heat very well" and so forth. XD He has a real soft spot for animals, so when we finally got central air, it was really out of concern for the piggies (we had seven of them at the time). :D

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Haha, that is really too sweet :D My parents went so far as to stop visiting us because of the pigs, they think I'm being "crazy" for keeping them indoors *sighs* My boyfriends folks are always visiting for piggie cuddles though!

thank you for this post! it's been super hot (well for us anyways) in SF, and my s/o and i were discussing just this morning if our little talyn was enjoying the heat or too warm. he gets more animated when it starts to heat up, but yesterday when it was 90+ he was staying in his wood house (i'm antiplastic in general so no pigloos for us). guess he was too hot.

You are welcome :D My partner and I used to try and guess all the time so having the thermometer has made it one less thing to have to worry about!

Is that Talyn in your icon? He reminds me of my Frisky :)

yup, that's Talyn. aw, they do look alike!

Thank you! This is my pigs' first summer, so this is very helpful advice!

You're welcome! I'm glad people are finding it helpful :D

Yay for living in Florida where air conditioning is a MUST! I've never met anyone here without air conditioning! The downside though, is that it's too hot to go outside, and all of the critters and prickily plants that thrive here preventing us from letting our piggies out on the lawn.

I'm really envious of those with AC, hee. Here in the UK it's really rare to have it but with summers getting more and more hot I really hope they start building more houses with it already installed!

Yeah, I wouldn't know--the closest I get to the UK is by way of Samuel Richardson, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Inchbald, etc. and even then I'm sure the weather was different. Good luck beating the heat!

"And guinea pigs really prefer NOT to be hot!"

and i'm right there with them. I freeze the rest of my family; my AC stays on 74 most of the time, and if i turn it up during the day when no one is home, i turn it up to about 76 and leave ceiling fans on. i hate walking into a hot house from the hot outdoors.

I do think I am going to put up a tent in one corner of the cage, though.

I'm curious though. If they can't take the heat very well, would it be a bad idea to take them outside to play during the summer, when it gets up to 95-100 with high humidity? How much time should they have outside when it's like that?

And do guinea pigs like water? I've seen several different opinions. To play in, I mean, like a little kiddie pool with about an inch of water in it.

Hah, me too - I like the heat outside but never inside, it makes me grumpy x)

When it's really hot you do need to be careful about not having them outside as long. Make sure they are in the shade and if you can, use a thermometer to see what the temperature in the shade actually is. I'd also stick to taking them out in the evening rather than when the sun is high - just in case. A good rule of thumb is that if you are in a t-shirt and are feeling hot, it's too hot for the pigs :)

Very rarely you get pigs that like water but most aren't interested. I think it would be fine to try if you had the circumstances where the pig had the choice, like she could choose to walk into a watery area or stay dry, but if the pig is lifted into water then it can cause panic (there are videos on youtube I think of guinea pigs "swimming" when in actual fact they are terrified and trying to find a way out ;__;). But if the humidity is high it might not be a good idea either as it can take them too long to dry and that can cause fungal infections which are nasty things indeed.

thanks for this heads up! I had no idea... and while my house stays about 15 degrees cooler than the outdoors (yay for big trees!) it's still not cool...


I know moo will thank you!!

About the shade thing, keep in mind that the shade does move as the sun moves across the sky so make sure to know which areas are shaded at all times or to frequently check your piggers to make sure they're still in the shade.

Ooh! Good advice! :-)

Ugh, I am so horrible. My Piggies have been hiding out in their cardboard tubes and doing that legs all out thing :(
I will definitely do the ice bottle trick, thanks for the tips!

Also, do you think I should cut my Peruvians hair for the summer?

As long as the temperature in the room is kept down you don't really need to trim long haired piggies, but some piggies do find it more comfortable. Purdie doesn't really like her hair long ever so we always give her a buzz cut which she loves!

If you're worried about keeping your Peruvian cool you could always give a little trim to begin with and see if the piggie prefers that :)

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